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Recommended on applications where “near-instrument quality” pressure control is required at a

relatively low cost. A large diaphragm area allows greater sensitivity and adjustment resolution than

available with standard miniature pressure regulators. A smaller valve seat results in greater precision

and less regulated pressure variation with variations in supply pressure.

Semi-precision regulators are available in the Miniature range.


Master Pneumatic manufacture both wickfeed and sightfeed lubricators. Each design has unique

operating principles, benefits and features. In a wickfeed lubricator, a porous bronze wick is saturated

with oil by capillary attraction. Oil is stripped off the wick by air flow in a constant oil-to-air ratio. The

design is essentially self-adjusting, however oil delivery can also be varied by manual adjustment.

Units will not shut off or clog, even with dirt and moisture in the reservoir.

In the sight feed lubricator, air flows through an automatic flow sensor, which creates a slight pressure

differential between the air passage and the oil reservoir. This causes oil to move up a riser tube,

through the adjustable metering valve and to drip into a transparent nylon sight feed dome. Sight

feed lubricators are easy to adjust, visibly show how much oil is being dispensed and can be filled

under pressure. The adjusting knob can be removed to make the lubricator “tamper-resistant”. All

working parts are in an easily replaceable cartridge. For precision lubrication, refer to the SERV-OIL

lubrication section.

Air-line lubricators are available in Miniature, Guardsman Modular, Guardsman II Modular, Vanguard

Modular, Vanguard High Capacity, 350 Modular and 380 Modular ranges.


Relief valves are set for a desired maximum system pressure and inserted in a tee downstream of

regulated pressure to prevent over pressurisation of the system beyond the relief valve setting.

If the pressure exceeds the relief valve setting, it will dump system air to atmosphere.


These units have essentially the same performance characteristics and features of individual filters

and regulators but provide economy of size and a lower cost. They are particularly useful where

horizontal space is limited. Reliable, internal, automatic drains are available for all sizes and series.

Gauge and two regulator ports are standard. Self-relieving regulators are standard, non-relieving

models are optional.

Integral filter / regulators are available in Miniature, Guardsman Modular, Vanguard Modular, 350

Modular and 380 Modular ranges.


Design parameters, that reflect a “blend” of performance characteristics to best meet the needs of

industry, are found in the many series of pressure regulators that Master Pneumatic offers. Air flow,

accuracy of pressure settings, variations in air flow and supply pressure, regulated pressure ranges,

response time, repeatability, sensitivity and relief capacity, physical size and cost were all major

considerations in their design. Pilot operated regulators are available for applications where hands on

is not possible or where there are safety issues.

Pressure regulators are available in Miniature, Guardsman Modular, Guardsman II Modular,

Vanguard Modular, Vanguard High Flow, 350 Modular and 380 Modular ranges.