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Piab’s decentralised vacuum gripper system, VGS™, is a

product solution integrating high quality suction cups with




• VGS™ makes selection, sizing and installation of a vacuum

system much easier. Design and dimension mistakes for the

vacuum system will be avoided.

• You will enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and reliable

vacuum system.

• Increased machine speeds can be achieved thanks to faster

response times with the vacuum source right at the cup and

better initial vacuum flow which will grip the object faster.

• The decentralised approach provides safety with one

vacuum source per suction point. It also eliminates flow

losses in long vacuum hoses, making maximum use of


• VGS™3040 with integrated energy saving functions like

Vacustat and AQR02 (Atmospheric Quik Release) is a

pioneering product and the world’s most energy efficient

concept for vacuum handling of sealed parts, such as glass

and metal sheets.


SAVE optimise

• Vacuum controlled proportional pressure regulator, a fully pneumatic device suitable for air driven ejectors /


• The feed pressure to the vacuum pump / ejector is automatically regulated and controlled to maintain the set

vacuum level. Air / energy usage is kept to a minimum for the application (optimised).

• Recommended for leaking and sealed applications to save energy and secure the right vacuum level.

• Extra port for vacuum gauge.

• Air ventilation port with filter.

• Swivel compressed air connections.

• piSAVE optimise gives maximum feed pressure / flow to vacuum pump / ejector until vacuum level starts to

build up.

• Separate mounting bracket kit.

• Upgrade kit - available as an integrated module for piCLASSIC and Classic vacuum pumps.


SAVE onoff

• Independent pneumatic air-saving device for vacuum pumps.

• Adjustable vacuum controlled 2/2 NO valve.

• Available with large hysteresis for object handling and small hysteresis for process applications.

• The Vacustat is recommended for vacuum pumps in non-leaking systems.

• The vacuum pump must be fitted with a non-return valve.


SAVE release

• Equalises pressure in the suction cups to provide fast release of the product.

• Extra fast release by accumulating and utilising the feed-air pressure as a boost.

• ON / OFF activated simultaneously with the ejector.

• No additional controls required - use a single 3/2 control valve for the ejector and piSAVE release.


SAVE sense

• Vacuum check valves which allow a few suction cups to miss the object(s) and still maintain enough vacuum

level in the system with quick response and release times.

• The vacuum check valves shall be used in a centralised vacuum system, one for each suction cup.

• Designing with vacuum check valves will require a smaller vacuum pump and save energy.

• Suitable for handling different size or different number of leaking objects such as MDF boards, corrugated

cardboards, with a flexible handling device.

• Also suitable for objects with surface leakage around the lip of the suction cup.

• Available in three sizes with different flow performance / characteristics to suit different degree of leakage.

• The valves are integrated in an AI-fitting with female and male threaded connections to facilitate installation.