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Digital Programmes

Digital Programmes

It pays to choose an fun & eye-catching, immersive interactive programme!

Our Iced digital programme’s bring them to life, whilst also increasing fan interaction & club revenue:

  • Drive more traffic to your club & advertisers websites
  • URL linked adverts send customers straight to products or services – easier to sell ad space & generating more engagement
  • Club shop product adverts can link straight to the e-shop
  • Drive more traffic to your club & advertisers websites
  • Replace any images with multimedia content i.e. managers notes, links to video interview’s, previous games video highlights & match analysis
  • Web URL’s & email addresses can be embedded so instantly clickable
  • Supplied QR code PDF can be printed & displayed at games for supporters to instantly view the e-programme
  • It can auto-play so it goes to a page-by-page slide-show

Clear & Tangible Results

  • Opens the programme up for national & global advertising as you are not limited to a dedicated local area
  • Show stats of online traffic
  • Statistics can include average visitors, time spent on programmes, devices, pages viewed, links clicked etc.
  • The programme can be hidden behind a payment gateway or donation to view – generating valuable funds or supporting good causes
  • Additional revenue can be made as Google AdSense adverts can also be integrated into the programme

Easy to use & Easier to read

  • Provide a fun, unique & enjoyable fan experience, whether at the game or watching anywhere globally
  • People with low vision can zoom in on the pages increasing accessibility
  • Programme can be searchable, downloadable & easily shared on socials
  • It’s viewable by page, thumbnail & the table of content – which takes people straight to the correct page
  • Works on any digital device that has a a web connection
  • Can be hidden behind a payment gateway or donation to view
  • Additional revenue as Google Adsense ads can be integrated
  • Fully trackable stats available e.g. pages read, videos clicked on, adverts clicked through to website

You’ll also (if you don’t also have a printed version)

  • No print expense
  • No wasted print
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Covid-safe

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