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Let’s face it; we all like receiving free gifts. Especially if they taste delicious, are useful or well designed. Using branded merchandise is an effective way of promoting a service, product or message, creating brand recognition and campaign awareness. They can be chosen to suit any target market, budget and are low cost per impression compared to print advertising; especially if you choose an item that will be retained, as it encourages long-term repeat exposure.

Iced Facts:

  • 83% remember what they received and the brand they received it from. These stats are even more impressive if you consider that this is 67% for television and 60% print!
  • 82% of people will take part in a survey to gain a free promotional product; great to remember if you need customer/product feedback.
  • 33% more people will buy an item, if it has a “gift” with purchase.
  • 42% will like/follow a company’s Facebook or post a Tweet on Twitter from a company they have received a promotional item from.
  • 71% of people will visit a stand at a trade show / exhibition if you are giving out promotional items.

Iced Top Tips:

We highly recommend using branded promotional items, as part of your marketing mix. They have many powerful uses, not just promoting your brand, including: making existing customers feel valued, attracting prospective customers, influencing people to take a desired action, driving sales and encouraging people to engage with your social media!

Don’t forget that your employees are all ambassadors for your brand; invest in branded uniform and items that they use regularly in front of customers such as pens, paper, mugs, coasters, portfolios, lanyards and even their vehicles! With the current focus on reducing plastics, branded high-quality, nicely designed reusable carrier bags, cups and water bottles (we can even source the exact Love Island bottle which is currently sweeping the nation!) are a great choice; 40% of people use reusable shopping bags and this will only increase.

Iced have built up strong relationships with reputable promotional companies and like to cross recommend many of our clients who offer branded merchandise, dependant on your individual target market, needs and budget. Why not see what fresh ideas we can come up with to help you stand out from the crowd, drive your message forward and ensure people remember your business? Contact hello@icedgraphics.com today.