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Iced Graphics Help Breathe Fresh Air Into Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

Iced Graphics, a leading North West based digital and creative agency, were pleased to win the pitch to design the packaging for an exciting new product that has just been launched by Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls. The modern, eye-catching and futuristic packaging design is quite a change from their traditional branding style; as they attempt to attract a younger target market. The team at Iced are really pleased with the finished result, which certainly stands out on shop shelves!

Wigan’s Famous Sweets Since 1898
Ellen Santus first created Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls in 1898. She handmade the unique, delicious and completely natural sweets in her kitchen and, even to this day, the recipe is a closely guarded family secret. Amazingly the family owned company still manufactures sweets using her traditional methods. The company also offers many different equally delicious products such as dandelion and burdock sweets, treacle caramels, winter nips, chocolate limes, chocolate covered cinder toffee, liquorice and aniseed strong mints, cherry lozenges and herbal cough candy.

A New Direction – Tasty Sweets With Added Benefits
Recently the company’s focus has been on the future and creating and marketing new, exciting lines, that will also stand the test of time; introducing products that existing fans of the brand will enjoy but that also encourage a new, younger customer base too. They have also moved into the beverage market with an Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls flavoured Vodka and Gin. The most recent addition to their product lines are “Breathers”, which are a dark fruit flavoured sweet, containing a unique blend of energy boosting ingredients, including B Vitamins coupled with menthol. They are a unique purple sweet, with a yellow, hard, textured centre which Iced wanted to replicate on the packaging and make the product name and strapline “take a breather and energise” a main focal point. A contemporary graphic of a polar bear, highlights the fresh, cool, icy breath you enjoy from eating these. Iced encourage people to see (and purchase!) the new product at uncle-joes.com.

Gareth Winnard Director & General Manager of Uncle Joe’s comments: We saw the trend in the market with the increase in demand for functional confectionery and wanted to offer a new product that would be on trend and also diversify a little from our existing portfolio of products. The Breathers packs allow consumers to get small energy boosts whenever needed. In today’s busy lifestyles that could be when you are sat at your office desk wanting to focus on work or travelling to meet friends for a gig. The product not only stimulates but also tastes great too, with a mouth-watering dark fruits outer casing and refreshing menthol crystals within the centre. The team at Iced have been great from start to finish and we will of course be using them again.

Kevin Hoyle Director of Iced comments: “We are really pleased with the final product packaging of the new Breathers energy sweets, as it showcases our clients vision perfectly and what our branding team at Iced can create. Many people know of us for our specialism in web design and digital marketing but we are designers at heart and creativity is in our blood. We like to work closely with our clients to understand their brief and create various options and mock-ups of the packaging, to ensure it is exactly what is needed to help make this product launch a success. Our work is centred on understanding the company, their customers and their vision. We wanted the packaging to look young, contemporary and stand out in a crowded marketplace, where a lot of the packaging is quite conservative, traditional and a bit dull. We believe our design will stand out on a shelf and make consumers stop and take notice. Our team have very much enjoyed being part of this journey and especially our free samples, which we can highly recommend when you’ve not had much sleep or to perk you up on a busy working day. Like the original Uncle Joe’s, I can personally recommend them for relieving a sore throat or cold – worked a treat on mine! Here at Iced, we don’t believe in delivering bog standard template design work; whether it’s packaging, digital or print you can be assured our ideas will get you noticed!”

With over a decade of experience, Iced have helped their growing client base stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and innovative creative solutions. Now offering a vast array of services to local, national and global customers, including B2B and B2C advertising,
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