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Iced B2B Lead Generation Tracker

Identify and target hidden business website visitors in real-time
Iced B2B Lead Generation Tracking Software
Tap in to your hidden website business leads. Try Iced Tracking.
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95% Of Companies Who Visit Your Website Leave Without Taking Action! Identify WHO your website visitors are, WHAT they have been looking at and WHERE they came from.

The Iced tracking tool is designed to show you the identity behind the data provided by your analytics tool.

By using our software, you can instantly identify contact information of key employees from the companies visiting your website; along with the business email address, telephone number and social media channels.

We provide you with the ability to view each visiting company’s complete journey through your website; providing you with data that can be used as powerful sales communication leverage.  It allows you to approach leads with confidence; knowing exactly what they are interested in.

Real-Time Visitor Tracking

Not only do we identify the businesses who have visited your website but we also provide this data in real-time. So basically, when someone is on your website; you’ll know about it!

Instantly identify your anonymous website visitors’ contact details including:

  • Business Name
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Information
  • LinkedIn Contacts
  • Search Behaviour
  • Company Information

Set-up Trigger Alerts

Create notifications individual to your business to instantly alert you e.g. visitors in a certain county, county or town; on a set page; business name; keywords searched on Google or a set number of pages.

Receive notification of pre-qualified leads when companies land on your most relevant website pages and tap into all those hidden leads!

You can then utilise the contact information of the businesses visiting your website and follow-up the lead effectively in your preferred method (we recommend a combination of all!) e.g. by call, email, message, following social media, mailing-out company, product or service information.

How are we different to other lead tracking software?!

Unlike other tracking solutions, which have a 12-month minimum contract, our tracking software is available on a 30-day rolling contract basis.

Unlike other tracking solutions, we have a fixed monthly cost which does not increase when your visitor quantities increase; surely this is your aim!

We also offer discounts based on 6 or 12-month contracts.

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9 St Georges Street, Chorley, Lancashire.

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