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Match Day E-Programmes

We design and publish online & offline sports publications and match-day programmes
Our E-Programme Online Service.
Want your supporters to have a programme but don't want to print? We have a solution for you!
e-programme design

Our E-Programme Online Service

Give your supporters a programme without print times, costs or paper use
Enable your fans to view your programme no matter where they are in the world
Help increase ad revenue, interaction and spread club news

Interactive E-programme Design
As a sports club you may prefer both a printed and e-version of your all-important match day programme or to switch to an entirely digital only version.
Whether this is to conserve paper or just to keep pace with changing trends in the sports industry; our top team are ready to kick-off designing, printing and creating both.

Why should you offer a digital programme?
Firstly it helps target a wider audience; you can use it to build your fan base nationally and globally and it will also help to increase ad costs and your revenue field from this.

All elements within the e-programme are selectable and downloadable, the adverts can be linked to each relevant website /social media page and any merchandise or ticket adverts can go straight to your own shop to allow fans to quickly and easily purchase them…

And the beauty of this is that you will then also have measurable data of how the ads have helped to increase traffic to customers websites.

You can provide the e-programme free of charge, just for season ticket holders or charge fans to access it…again creating a revenue stream to the club.

We can even include video and exclusive e-programme content, to encourage fans to view it and interact with it, as this content can then be shared on social pages directly from it.

Another selling point is that it makes the programme accessible to people who have low vision as you can zoom to make the text bigger and also click to have the text read aloud.

Other than E-brochures we can also help your club score with:
• Advertising sales
• Copy
• Design
• Digital Promotion
• Event Planning
• Marketing & Strategy
• Print
• Websites

View a e-brochure sample below ↓

Kick start your Match day E-Programme today!