Iced are an award-winning, branding, creative, web design and marketing, full-service agency.
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We Intensify, Create, Energise & Develop Brands! Whether you’re looking for a single logo for a business start-up or a complete marketing strategy for a multi-national rollout campaign. Get in touch!
Our Branding Services.
If you need a brand; you need us! We can provide brand workshops to help identify a clear brand strategy, design, corporate style and tone of voice. We will tie all of this into your company vision and ensure all marketing stays consistent with a brand guideline.
Turn Your Business into A Brand

If we asked you to choose your favourite brand or list the most recognisable / memorable ones; you’ll find that they work because they connect with both your heart and mind. You’ll love the way they look, identify with their key values and buy-into their story. That’s why it’s so important to develop a brand identity that is clear, distinct and different.

Your brand needs to meet your individual and unique business and market sector needs but also reflect your company values, voice, vision and stand out from the crowd! Our expert creative team will work with you to help turn your business into a recognised brand, by executing a carefully constructed cross-channel online and offline promotional campaign.

If you’re unsure of where to start or feel like it’s time for a refresh or a complete rebrand, you are welcome to pop in for an informal chat or we can even hold a brand workshop at your premises. These fun and simple exercises help create the right look for your needs, bring your vision to life and ensure we fully understand your business goals. We will develop a clear, easily-identifiable brand that shows people exactly who and what you are and is head and shoulders above your competition!

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